3 Techniques of processing Tempe is good

Rich in nutrient content, make tempe can be a substitute for meat and fish. However, the Chairman of the Forum of Indonesia, Prof Dr Tempe Made Astawan says there are still many craftsmen who manufacture in tempe not hygienic. source= kokimganteng
gambar tempe
gambar tempe
To that end, through the House, it introduces to the craftsmen of tempe community and three processing tempe technique is good. The first technique is, the first generation.


According to him, the first generation is a product of refined tempe exists tempenya is still visible. “For example in the sambal fried tempeh and mortar,” said Made in Artotel, Jakarta.


Furthermore, the second generation is a product of refined tempe extant tempenya is not visible. However, it still feels tempe.


E.g. flour, sausages, Nuggets tempe, tempe, Brownie ice cream tempe. Processing tempe second generation is easily done the level of households and small industries, “he said.


Meanwhile, a third generation major industrial zoned to do it. Because there are isolation components bioaktif tempe, like vitamin b12, isoflavin and other bioaktif components are good for human health,” he said.


Custom-made processing tempe, the result of adding the third generation can be in the form of a supplement capsules, soft drinks, and baby food.


“Sample product drink powder from tempe. The name tempe cereal was produced in Bogor, “pungkas man who also served as General Secretary of the Association of Nutritionists and food (FOOD PERGIZI) Indonesia.

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