Hem! Here’s how to make a Delicious and savory Goat Coconut Curry

Well, while Eid al-Adha might we want to utilize the sacrificial meat as Goat Coconut Curry ingredients?or name is resep gulai kambing khas idhul adha
This is how to make a goat Coconut Curry dishes are tender and tasty. The following tips create recipe mutton goulash seasoning right. It’s not just goulash that we can create. Still no goat Satay and tongseng goats. There are many variations of goulash recipe that we know, like goat Coconut Curry recipe field, Java, madura and Coconut Curry recipe mutton goulash solo. But in essence all recipes that have the basic seasoning gule goulash.
gulai kambing
image gulai kambing
Goat Coconut Curry cooking recipes or tongseng kambing is indeed easy easy difficult. Create some people that don’t know her tips and tricks, making Goat Coconut Curry Recipe is indeed difficult sometimes. Especially to remove peculiar smell of goats (prengus odor) that usually reduce the delights of masakangulainya and makes some people are even reluctant to sample the cuisine. But when friends already know how to cook goat meat , peculiar smell that penetrate it easily can be eliminated.
May create a large part of our community, each ingredient definitely should be washed to remove dirt dirt attached. But for dishes using the meat as the main menu, we recommend washing steps are not performed. That is, though the meat kambingnya before being used for the purpose of eliminating dirt and the rest of the rest of the blood when pemotongannya. In addition, the flesh of the Coconut Curry goat can also be given a little remasan orange juice. Okay, for more details please see details of how to make and the ingredients of the ingredients of goat Coconut Curry Recipe that is delicious and savory under Yes.
Ingredients ingredients and Marinade Recipes Delicious Goat Coconut Curry
The main ingredients needed 250 grams 250 grams of meat goats and goat ribs. If there is no iganya, can be replaced with goat meat only.
Water for cooking the broth a little over 1-1.25 litres.
Ginger peeled along more or less 1.5 cm (seasoning).
Garlic local sizes large enough for as much as 2-3 cloves (fine seasoning).
Less locale shallots are more or less as much as 5-6 cloves (fine seasoning).
Iodized table salt more or less as much as 1 tablespoon (can be added or subtracted according to taste) (seasoning).
Turmeric peeled approximately 2 cm (seasoning).
The roasted cloves as much as 1 grain (refined condiment).
Pekak fruit more or less as much as 1 grain. Can be omitted if there is no (seasoning).
Cardamom as much as approximately 1-2 grain (refined condiment).
White granulated sugar to taste (approximately 1-2 teaspoons) (seasoning).
Finely ground pepper or powder as much as a quarter of the small spoon (a subtle seasoning).
Pecan approx 2-3 grains (seasoning).
Curly red chilies are more or less as much as 5-7 pcs (seasoning).
As many as 1 grain of clove (spice).
Lime leaves as much 1-2 sheets.
Soy sauce to taste (approximately 2-3 tablespoons).
Kandis acid more or less as much as 1 grain.
Lemongrass already washed clean of more or less as much as 1/2 rod.
Bay leaves as many as 1 sheet.
Turmeric leaves more or less as much as half of the sheet. The belt first before inclusion into the broth.
Half the shredded coconut fruit and squeezed. Take 0.5 liters of thick coconut milk and 0.5 liters of coconut milk encernya.
New cooking oil to taste for seasoningsauteing.
How To Make Savory Mutton Goulash Recipe
Prepare one pot and fill water to taste. Boiled goat ribs and chops the ancients to boiling (half-soft) to remove the peculiar smell of goat rengus.
While waiting for his goat meat is simmering, puree marinade seasoning smooth above. Could use a blender, but more palatable when cussing puree on hand (in disposable uleg hand).
Prepare a frying pan and fry the contents of minyal to taste.
Stir in turmeric leaf, Lemongrass money already bruised, bay leaf, lime leaves and delicate spice seasoning which already prepared above. Stir stir over low heat until fragrant smell.
After the first goat meat stew is complete, discard the water and shit blood suapay attached also wasted.
Fill the pot with water more or less as much as 1.25 liters of water to a boil and boil.
Enter the already boiled goat meat and wait a little bit until the meat is tender.
Stir in seasoning spice paste the above into a pan and stir stir briefly until all ingredients are well blended.
Enter a half litre of coconut milk encernya. Stir to blend well together with the rest of the other herbs that have not been put to a boil. Take care not to break apart coconut milk.
Enter the rest of the coconut milk kentalnya and stir stir again until all ingredients are well mixed. Remember, keep stirring processes coconut milk don’t get busted because it can ruin the taste of the delicacy and parse goat Coconut Curry recipe.
Taste and add salt if it is felt necessary.
Finish the cooking process goulash meat kambingnya. Indeed the recipe above use many traditional spice seasoning ingredients so that the results of so his Goat Coconut Curry Recipe dishes really tasted savory, tasty and special. Typically, this goulash extremely coc next recipe , resep iga bakar madu ala restoran

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