Chicken Rendang Woku Up So OPTIONS menu Heat and Eat

Heat and Eat present for people who want resep rendang padang asli to taste the home cooking but do not have much time to cook.

General Marketing Heat and Eat, Nicolas Durupt, explaining Heat and Eat comes with 10 original choice menu of home cooking. The menus are selected to represent the taste of various parts of Indonesia. Balado ie chicken, chicken red rica of Manado, woku chicken, grilled chicken seasoning Bali, chicken rendang, beef rendang from Padang, tongseng and curry goat from Java, as well as meat stews of Betawi.

The presence of such a variety of menu options Heat and Eat efforts to maintain and preserve the rich cultural heritage in the field of culinary archipelago.

Heat and Eat is available in two pack sizes of 250 grams and 500 grams. Prices priced around Rp 32 thousand to Rp 65 thousand. This product can be found at Ranch Market, Farmers Market, AEON City Mall and Day-Day. Products Heat and Heat halal and healthy to eat. Correct storage makes this product resistant to two to three days.

Packaged food Heat and Eat ripe. Buyer just open the packaging resep soto daging sapi and then warm it in the microwave for seven minutes. Going forward, Heat and Eat will be available in various parts of the archipelago.