Soto Ayam Mas Joko, festive glut Offers….

Take a trip on a sunny or cloudy day not only invites fatigue, but the stomach to assert their rights to be supplied energy.
If you’re in the area Losari, it is worth tasting Resep Soto Ayam Mas Joko in Maipa Road, north Aryaduta Makassar.Jalan is accessible by two-wheel or four wheel. One-way to the East.
When the vehicle deflect in Jalan Maipa, will be seen carts are parked on the left of the road. This wagon was named Mas Joko by owners who come from Lamongan, East Java.
“Given the name Joko because I origin Lamongan Mba, once synonymous with the name Joko,” he told, Sunday (11/29/2015)
The original name of the owner of this wagon was Khalil who has four years to sell seasoned chicken and Gado-gado.
For a portion of chicken soup priced at Rp 10 thousand. Inside there are rice cake, vegetables, tempeh, eggs and of course sauce blended with a distinctive flavor. Resep Nasi Goreng Jawa Enak The same price also applies to a portion of a hodgepodge offered Mas Khalil.Harga very fit in the pockets of all circles.
For those of you who are interested, go directly to the cart Mas Joko in north Aryaduta, Makassar.


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